Screenshot DrawSWF is a simple drawing program written in Java2. You can save your drawings as animated flash file.
The internal storage format is SVG which means that DrawSWF can also be (ab)used as DrawSVG (no animations yet). By changing the internal storage format to SVG it is no longer possible to load animations created before DrawSWF 1.2.0.

We were very excited about receiving the first donation from Dissertation Procrastination Software. Thank you very much!!!

At the moment the following graphic operations are implemented:

  • freehand drawing (line)
  • ellipses
  • rectangles
  • straight lines
  • text (with already 2 effects)
  • picture import
other features:
  • editing of objects
  • fillcolor (incl. alphachannel)
  • strokecolor (incl. alphachannel)
  • strokewidth
  • siteproportion
  • backgroundimage as template
  • storage format SVG

Here is an example

Pending tasks:

  • animation should display text effects in application
  • editing should also let the user scale the object with the mouse
  • undo/redo does not work for modification of existing grafic objects
  • effects like rotation and scaling.
  • gradients as background effects
  • timeline for framebased working
Submit ideas and wishes here. :-)

We have now switched the flash library to JavaSWF2(BSD license). So now it is easier to generate a jar-file and the download has gotten smaller. We are hard waiting to see JavaSWF2 moving to sourceforge. The project is already registered there.
The look&feel is produced by the Kunststoff-theme from It is licensed under GNU General Public License 2. This really rocks and improves the GUI.